Balto is changing the feedback process
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Balto can be used in a variety of situations, from site launch to improvement

Improvement of large-scale services

Using Balto, one can receive feedback from the viewpoint of a developer or feedback from the viewpoint of a random user.

It is useful for the improvement of large-scale services. The ability to give feedback on the actual device is great. You can try it for yourself in a real 4G environment rather than over Wi-Fi, or just before going to sleep, and rapidly give feedback on any concerns that are encountered using the actual device. It's good to have feedback not just from developers, but from the user's standpoint as well.

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Launching new services

When a service is being launched, problems can be concretely relayed, reducing the difficulty of confirming them.

Until now, feedback that was relayed verbally or over Slack had to be input by hand into Excel, but now that we've started using Balto things are automated and much easier to handle. With Balto, a screenshot can be sent with a mark indicating the problem area. The meaning of the feedback is immediately made clear, so there is no more need to confirm and reconfirm with the provider of the feedback to avoid misunderstandings.

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Improving web services

The sharing and administration of feedback used to be burdensome, but now it is simple.

The annoying aspects of previous tools have been eliminated, and the overall quality has been polished. The amount of time dealing with feedback has diminished, but the amount of feedback has dramatically increased, so it's easier to obtain a user experience with a fine-tuned feel. Now, our handling of feedback centers on the use of Balto. Going forward, I want all employees to begin sending feedback using Balto.

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