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Distribute your beta throughout your team and exchange feedback, easily and efficiently.

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How does Balto help product teams?

Manage the beta versions of your mobile app or website

Using Balto, you can quickly capture screenshots and short video clips with just one tap. Add a comment and send your feedback to your team. Discuss and improve the quality of your app, with one piece of feedback at a time.

iOS9.0 or later
Android4.1 or later
Mobile Web
Our Story
Distribute your beta app

Download the SDK and import it
into your app in no time!

Upload your beta app into Balto and you're ready!
Invite your team and start testing and exchanging feedback.

One Tap Feedback

Screenshot Feedback

Highlight the area so it doesn't get missed.

Video Feedback

Give feedback on any interaction or animation. Let the video do the talking for you.

Compatible with iOS and Android 5.0 or later
Continuous Feedback


Download Balto and exchange feedback in real time!

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Discuss and decide what improvements to make.
Team members can provide valuable feedback, suggest new features,
or report bugs right from the app.

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Main Features

Test Deployment

Simply upload the file to the Balto web dashboard and deploy!


Rapid Feedback

Capture a screenshot or a video clip with a simple gesture or tap.


Auto-generated Tasks

Feedback sent will automatically be saved as tasks that help you stay on track.



Add circles, squares, and arrows to your screenshot to convey more detailed feedback for your team.



Add comments to your screenshot or video clips.


Custom Integrations ( Stay tuned! )

Streamline your process by connecting Balto to GitHub Issues. More integrations with other exciting tools coming soon...

Start With 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Download and Import the Balto SDK

Import the SDK and only insert a few lines of code into your app (SDK isn't required for Mobile Web).

Step 2

Create and Distribute Project

Create a new project from the Dashboard and invite your team. Once you upload your beta app, it will be sent straight to your team members.

Step 3

Install your app in development

Once your team members have installed Balto and are invited into your new project they can start giving feedback.

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Bring the quality of your app to the next level, using Balto's awesome feedback platform and get everyone on the same page!

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Start your Free 14-day Trial
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